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How to import Sony PMW F5 XAVC into FCP X for editing on Mac

Posted by ipad001 
How to import Sony PMW F5 XAVC into FCP X for editing on Mac
July 18, 2014 04:35AM
How to import Sony PMW F5 XAVC into FCP X for editing on Mac

Sony PMW-F5 CineAlta Digital Cinema Camera features an 8.9 MP Super 35mm image sensor capable of capturing 2K and HD internally in Sony's XAVC codec onto SxS PRO+ memory cards, and 4K and 2K RAW to an optional Sony AXS-R5 external recorder. It's two large-single-sensor cine camera. Each cameras record XAVC having a colour depth of 10-bits and 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. The F5 & F55 record to SxS cards, so you'll need a Sony SxS card reader, Echo Thunderbolt Card reader, or a computer equipped with an ExpressCard 34 slot to start.

Final Cut Pro X, the latest version of video-editing software geared for professionals from a company increasingly focused on mainstream consumers. It is only be available to customers through the Mac App Store. However, this new released FCP X does not support well with Sony PMW-F5 XAVC Videos, so if you want to edit Sony PMW-F5 XAVC Videos in Final Cut Pro X, you are recommended Mac XAVC Converter which can convert Sony PMW-F5 XAVC to FCP .MOV and then import F5 XAVC into Final Cut Pro X for editing on Mac.

To edit Sony PMW-F5 XAVC footage in Final Cut Pro X or FCP 7/6 smoothly, the easy workaround is to change the file extention from "XAVC" to "ProRes", which is a friendly format supported by FCP. So the Sony PMW-F5 XAVC to FCP MOV Converter for Mac is the best one tool you need which can help you import F5 XAVC into FCP X within several simple clicks.

Sony PMW-F5 XAVC to FCP Mov Converter for Mac, a powerful Sony XAVC to FCP X assistant software which is able to convert XAVC files to Prores. With it, you can easily convert your footages in different formats to FCP 7 preferred formats smoothly. If you have encountered the same problem mentioned above, please try Sony XAVC to ProRes Converter. Convert/import Sony F5 XAVC to FCP .MOV now!

How to convert Sony PMW-F5 XAVC to ProRes 422 mov for FCP X/7/6 on Mac?

Step 1: Load xavc video files to Sony PMW-F5 XAVC to FCP Mov Converter for Mac
Click "Add video" button to import XAVC video clips, or "Add from folder" button to import Sony PMW-F5 XAVC video clips from whole folder on Mac.

Step 2: Select output format .mov
In the drop-down list next to "format", select output format which you need, here we choose .mov, select the destination in the drop-down list next to "output".

Step 3: Settings and Editings.
Click the "Settings" button, adjust video and audio settings to optimize output file quality.

Step 4: Start convert Sony PMW-F5 XAVC to ProRes 422 Mov on Mac
After all the necessary setting have been done, click "Convert" button to start converting.

Re: How to import Sony PMW F5 XAVC into FCP X for editing on Mac
November 14, 2014 02:46AM
Thanks for your information...
Re: How to import Sony PMW F5 XAVC into FCP X for editing on Mac
December 24, 2014 03:58AM
This is a simple tutorial aims to solve the Sony F55/F5 XAVC to Final Cut Pro X/7 issues. If you have shot some 4K/2K/HD XAVC files and are planning to edit Sony F55/F5 XAVC files in FCP X or FCP 7, just keep reading.

Tips and Tricks How to import Sony F55 & F5 XAVC to Final Cut Pro:

A. Import Sony F55/F5 XAVC to FCP via plug-in

Apple Final Cut Pro X has added support for XAVC HD & 4K. Make sure to update FCP X, and then visit Sony’s site to download their latest import plugin PDZK-LT2. Once installed, launch FCP X and click the import button on the left-hand side.

Cons: This plug-in only works for Final Cut Pro X 10.0.8 and up. If you are working in FCP 7, XAVC 4K files will not work. What’s worse, even you installed the plug-in for FCP X, it won’t always ingest XAVC videos smoothly as you hope. That’s reason why so many guys are having issues when working XAVC in FCP.

B. Convert F55/F5 XAVC to ProRes for editing in FCP X/7 with native codec

An other quick workaround is to use the easy-to-use yet professional app called Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac which can be used as one of the best XAVC to ProRes Converter under OS X Leopard (10.5), Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), Yosemite(10.9). With it, you can effortlessly transcode XAVC to ProRes MOV for Final Cut Pro 6/7/X, DNxHD for Avid Media Composer, Apple InterMediate Codec for iMovie, MPEG-2 for Adobe Premiere Pro without quality loss, and it works well and converts flawlessly. Below is how.

Cons: Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac is not freeware.

Well, if you do not mind to pay $35, you can follow the guidance for you to transcode XAVC from Sony F55/F5 to Final Cut Pro.

Note: If you are also a FCP X user, before you try to do the conversion, don’t forget to make sure that you have installed the Apple ProRes Codec manually since the FCP X asks users to install it by themselves.

Step 1: Run the Sony 4K to FCP Converter you just set up. Drag and drop the F55 or Sony F5 XAVC files to the Converter. You can also hit Add files button to import videos to the app.

Step 2: Select output format. You just need to go to Final Cut Pro column by choosing "Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) (*.mov)" as best video format for editing Sony XAVC in Final Cut Pro X or FCP 7 with good video quality.

Tip: You can click "settings" button in the main interface to customize the output video’s parameters, such as resolution, frame rate, etc.

Step 3: Now press "Convert" and let it go. The XAVC to FCP Converter for Mac supports batch conversion, so if you have lots of xavc videos to convert, check 'Shut down computer after conversion', and you can go away without keeping an eye on it.

When the conversion is done, you can find the output files by clicking "Open" button on the main interface, then you could do a quick edit in XAVC(even in 4K) with Final Cut Pro(FCP X as well as FCP 6/7) without any issue.

OK, I’ve shared two methods that enable you to bring Sony F55/F5 XAVC footage into Apple Final Cut Pro. Just choose a way that meets your needs. Personally I prefer the second solution.

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Re: How to import Sony PMW F5 XAVC into FCP X for editing on Mac
February 10, 2015 04:31AM
4K XAVC workflow with FCP 7: Import PXW-X500 XAVC to FCP 7

This guides relies on the topic of making Sony PXW-X500 smoothly edited in FCP 6/7 especially for those people who work FCP 6/7 for much.

"Several days ago, I took part in the big outside party which hold to celebrate the 2014 Halloween in the next block, as the professional video editor, I was invited to record the happy moments. During the all night, I worked well with my new camcorder, Sony PXW-X500. However, you know it is so necessary to edit them for a dispose in FCP 7. It seems there are some trouble in this importing progress. 'Unsupported' warning I've got on my screen. So any solutions there?"

It seems XAVC - the latest high definition video format introduced by Sony is not supported by FCP so far. Surely, you may know that some third-party tools can also do this job but what you don't know is sometimes, we will meet the trouble of unstable working capacity, conflict versions, etc. so I recommend the pa vtube [url=http://www.pa vtube.com/hd-video-converter-mac/]XAVC to FCP 6/7 Converter for Mac[/url][/b] for all you guys. With the stable version and excellent capacity, I'm you can enjoy it as your best assistant.

[i][b]Note:[/b] You can also try three top Mac XAVC Video Converters that each one can handle the XAVC/XAVC S videos well for editing or playback on Mac: [url=http://www.video-pedia.com/2014/12/25/best-xavc-video-converter-review/]Top 3 Best XAVC/XAVC S Video Converter for Mac Review[/url][/i]

Follow my steps and just with one screenshot, I can provide you the all details on how to make Sony PXW-X500 XAVC videos friendly with FCP 6/7. For a first step, load your files in with 'Add video' and 'Add from folder'. If you connect your camera with the computer by USB cable, you can drag them directly in this program. Next we are going to the most important point, which should we choose as the best output? There are several types of Apple ProRes Codec especially for FCP, just choose one you think the best in the 'Final Cut Pro' on the output list. For example, 'Apple ProRes Codec 422 (*.mov)' may be your choice. When you choose the output, in 'Editor' and 'Settings' buttons, you will get more.


[b]Tips:[/b] No matter for the latest Windows 10 or Mac Yosemite, you can go well with this job. For some people who are the first time to use FCP7 or FCP 6, here are some transfer steps for you.
Re: How to import Sony PMW F5 XAVC into FCP X for editing on Mac
March 01, 2015 08:35PM
XAVC S Avid: Can Avid MC imp ort XAVC S MP4 from Sony AX100

Description: As far as I know the latest 4k XAVC S video format introduced by Sony is still not supported well by Avid Media Composer so far. If you want to imp ort Sony FDR AX100 4K XAVC S files to Avid for editing with native Avid DNxHD format, pav tube XAVC S Video conv erter provides a brief instruction.

Now Sony has launched the first consumer camcorder to shoot 4K (Ultra HD) footage – the Sony FDR AX100. It captures this in Sony's own XAVC S file format. This uses an MP4 container and H.264 video, along with 2 channel PCM audio. The format is widely supported by the usual video editors, but it looks like you'll need top end software to handle it – such as Avid Media Composer – rather than the more downmarket options.


Sony FDR AX100's XAVC S codec video is MP4 format. The Mac editor Avid Media Composer support MP4 video imp orting although, the XAVC S video codec is still a new one for Avid MC.

Hi, I have Sony FDR AX100 camera for 4K recordings. I cant AMA link to any of my footage as the format is not supported by Avid. And the AX100 which my friends planned to buy also uses this XAVC S codec. So I'm confused by the XAVC S Avid AMA workflow.

Since you will have problem for imp orting Sony XAVC S videos into Avid MC even with the AMA Plug in, to make things easier, you had better to transcode Sony FDR AX100 XAVC S footage to a more editing friendly format, such as Avid Media Composer's DNxHD .mov.

To conv ert Sony AX100 4K XAVC S MP4 to Avid DNxHD MOV on Mac OS X Yosemite, pav tube (Sony XAVC S) Video conv erter for Mac is highly recommended for its simplicity, efficiency and reliable workflow.


Note: If you're running Avid Media Composer on your Windows, pls try XAVC S Video conv erter

*** Step 1. imp ort XAVC S MP4 files to the Mac XAVC S Video conv erter.

Install the best Mac XAVC S Video conv erter on your Mac. Hook your Sony AX100 to Mac and keep it on; click the two icons which are marked as 1 to load XAVC S footage from Sony FDR AX100 to Mac XAVC S Video conv erter like this:

*** Step 2. Trim out a few clips before conv erting XAVC S to Avid.

Now click the pencil like icon (Edit) and locate the Trim icon:

Drag the small triangle icons to locate the opening and ending; or click the icons in blue to adjust frame by frame. It also supports setting "Start" and "End" point in time.

*** Step 3. Choose output video format for Avid Media Composer.

Click the drop down list and choose "Avid Media Composer > Avid DNxHD(*.mov)" as the most compatible format codec for AMC editing.

You can f ree choose the output video quality, size, frame rate by clicking the "Settings".

*** 4. conv ert Sony AX100 XAVC S MP4 files to Avid DNxHD MOV.

Now hit "conv ert" and let it running; you can easily locate the conv erted video by clicking "Open" at the bottom.
Re: How to import Sony PMW F5 XAVC into FCP X for editing on Mac
August 23, 2015 11:33PM
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Re: How to import Sony PMW F5 XAVC into FCP X for editing on Mac
November 25, 2015 02:29AM
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Re: How to import Sony PMW F5 XAVC into FCP X for editing on Mac
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