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How to conv ert Sony PMW-500 MX F to FCP conv erter

Posted by Andyeric 
How to conv ert Sony PMW-500 MX F to FCP conv erter
March 04, 2015 04:33AM
'What plug-in do I need to install so I can imp ort and edit .MX F video files in Final Cut. The suggestion of doing Log and Transfer doesn't work (the .MX F files are gray out not allowing me to select it.). So what does this situation exactly mean?' In the following article, we are glad to introduce you some efficient ways to solve the problems when editing Sony PMW-500 MX F recordings in FCP 6 7 with ProRes 422 4444 LT

The PMW-500 is Sony Professional's first XDCAM HD422 Camcorder with solid state recording. It supports full-HD 422 50-Mbps MX F record and playback based on highly developed MPEG-2 Long GOP compression technology. So it would be not strange that it will be hard to directly to imp ort Sony PMW-500 MX F to FCP 6 7. What's more, they are also not available for Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas or Avid, etc.

To smoothly imp ort Sony PMW-500 XDCAM MX F in Final Cut Pro 6 7 for editing, the easy workaround is to transcode MX F to Apple ProRes encoded MOV format, which is natively supported by Final Cut. Along with some help from a professional Mac MX F to MOV conv erter. it can be done. Via Google and compared with others, we found the pav tube Video conv erter for Mac c ( Win )an be the best choice! More details you can read the related review.

As soon as you have finished the preparation job, it's time to go back to the main interface to hit the 'conv ert' to start you version work. From Sony PMW-500 MX F to FCP supported ProRes codec, you won't wait for a long time. After transferring files to FCP, we are glad to enjoy ourselves!

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