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Kprobe return callback not called on function return

Posted by bogdanul2003 
Kprobe return callback not called on function return
March 15, 2017 01:01PM
I want to install hooks in do_init_module() which is called by init_module() and finit_module() syscalls. I install an entry and a return callback in do_init_module() and I notice the fallowing: the entry syscall is executed right away after loading a kernel module with insmod but there is no execution of the return callback. If I load another module with insmod or remove de added module with rmmod then I can see that the return callback of the first insmod is executed fallowed by the execution of the entry call for the second insmod call and there is no execution of the second return callback.

Does do_init_module() block somehow (I saw some mutex_lock in the code) and unblocks when another kernel module event happens ?


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