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virtual I/O mapping or multiaccess to I/O Address

Posted by 0x00 
virtual I/O mapping or multiaccess to I/O Address
September 22, 2017 07:52AM

I'm looking for a solution to emulate a "parport" device with a "real" I/O address.

I've tried to map a file with mmap() into memory and access this (via return address) with request_mem_region() and request_region() in a basic "parport kernel module".
It doesn't work :-( I can't access the memory region twice at the same time. This should be the rule, but not in my case.

Is there a way to share a (memory) region with a kernel module and use it there as base address for a "fake/virtual" hardware device? Or another way to emulate some hardware accessible over I/O addresses?

The background is an educational use case. The point is to use a base I/O address to communicate with the non real existent parport, catch the bits (e. g. from a file or another device or proc-file) with a GUI application, show there flashing LED's and answer with status-bits via some buttons.

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