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power_supply class drivers

Posted by Imre 
power_supply class drivers
April 15, 2009 05:17AM
I have two hardwares (HW) related to charging batteries. One HW is from a vendor and that supports battery measurement regarding temperature, voltage and current. The software (SW) is also provided from this vendor that supports the power_supply class (/include/linux/power_supply.h and /drivers/power/)

The another HW is from another vendor that does not have SW support. I have to write a driver for this that also is supporting the power_supply class. This HW is responsible of the actual charging and the SW for it shall report to power_supply related to any faults and charging states.

My question is:
Is it possible to have two power_supply class drivers that each handle their own HW and where the power supply monitor sees these two drivers as one driver handling the battery functionality?

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