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Linux FPGA Interfacing with Armada3700

Posted by Dol 
Hi folks
(hope writing to the correct forum...)

In our company, we have to interface a Marvell Armada 3700 clone with an FPGA.
Product Brief: [www.marvell.com]

The problem is, that using PCIe ist latency-critical and also very expensive concerning FPGA logic consumption (FPGA type is fixed, without PCIe ASIC core).
Furthermore, due to limited pin count, we cannot use (and the processor doesn't have) a parallel interface.

I was asking myself, if SPI in combination with DMA could do the job. We require only about 10 MByte/s. Quad-SPI up to 80 MHz/s may deliver 40 MB/s brutto.

My Question is:
Is it possible to write an efficient linux driver for SPI? I was asking myself because the SPI access is not atomic and using mutexes may be difficult (forbidden?) in combination with interrupts, required when using the DMA machine....
Can I transfer data via SPI using DMA and IRQs to reduce toe processor load to a minimum?
To be more precise, I am asking for a short rough sketch, how to implement such a driver in general.

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