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Clubbing a initrd with kernel

Posted by Kather 
Clubbing a initrd with kernel
March 05, 2008 11:58PM
Hi Im working with mips32 au1200 board which is having 2.6.11. Im trying to do the NFS. its not working.
I tried to do a initrd and club it in the kenel image by selecting the flag "CONFIG_INTIRAMFS_SOURCE =/initrd_fs"
/initrd_fs is the directory which is having the file system to make the initrd in cpio format.
Finally it clubbed and formed the zImage. My make file will change the zImage in srec format, as the bootloader needs that.

While doing the tftp boot it shows the following
Start = 0x81000000, range = (0x81000000, 0x8142bfff), format = SREC
loaded at : 81000000 8142C000
zImage at : 81006240 8142BAF4
Uncompressing Linux at load address 81000000
inflated returned FFFFFFFB

Please let me know that 1. Why it is behaving like this?
2. What is the correct procedure to make a initrd( in cpio format) club with the kernel?

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