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AMD Geode GX - 10.10 Server Installation - no kernel installed

Posted by E. Brachos 
AMD Geode GX - 10.10 Server Installation - no kernel installed
I would like someone expert to help me with the following problem:
Hardware: Wyse x150se Thin Client (AMD Geode GX, 256mb DDR, 512MB Hard Disk)

I would like to install the ubuntu 10.10 server onto the above thin client. I installed it (not swap file used, in order to fit in the small HardDisk)

BUT, I got the following message message and the installation could complete(I completed) without the kernel!!!

"no installation kernel was found in the defined APT sources
you may try to continue without kernel, and manually install your own kernel later
This is only recommended for experts, otherwise you will end up with a machine that doesn't boot. Continue without Installing Kernel?" I said YES

1) I found that the linux kernel does not support teh AMD Geode GX, as a result a patch should be added during the kernel compilation.
2) I tried 8 different linux live USB(ARCHOS, DamnSL, Puppy, Ubuntu, Slax, Knoppix, android ...) distr and most of them prompt me with "Kernel Panics" or not supported vendor.

I would like:
1. To install a linux distribution onto that computer (i586)
2. Or could you help me how to install after the incomplete 10.10 ubuntu installation the kernel with the AMD Geode GX support (change some files probably)

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