Riverside Research's Information Dominance Directorate has an immediate opening in the Dayton, Ohio area for a Linux Kernel Developer.

• Create custom builds of Linux distributions for customers; including shell programming, including C and Java.
• Team software development.
• Daily activities will include software development systems testing and documentation and bug report handling.
• Coordinating the compilation of engineering data, and designing software, writing reports and test procedures.
• Other duties as assigned.

• Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, computer engineering or equivalent degree
• Three to ten (3-10) years experience
• Linux kernel development: includes familiarity with the C programming language, Linux kernel development interfaces, and the Linux kernel build system.
• Native Linux development: includes familiarity with the C programming language, and the standard Linux development tools (gcc, make, etc.).
• Superior communications skills, written and verbal.
• Resumes must demonstrate specialized experience that is typically in or related to the work of the position to be filled and also demonstrate particular knowledge, skills, and abilities, to successfully perform the duties of the position.
• Android SDK development: includes familiarity with the C programming language, the Android SDK development interfaces, and the Android SDK build system.
• Android development: includes familiarity with the Java programming language, the Android application programming interfaces, and the Android development tools.

To apply directly go to: [goo.gl]
Or email me directly at: mhannah@riversideresearch.org

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