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Stable patch version versus git tags

Posted by robs 
Stable patch version versus git tags
November 29, 2009 07:58PM
I recently did a git-bisect to track down a kernel problem. I hadn't used git before, having used stable release patches from the kernel.org ftp site to build kernels.

Using patch files, I had already narrowed down the problem to between (IIRC) and 2.6.31. Looking in the git tags, there is a 2.6.31 OK, but no As it was, I set my search wider -- 2.6.30 vs 2.6.31, but this led to a pretty big bisect.

How could I have found the git id corresponding with version (I have googled, checked FAQs, hunted around on kernel.org. The info must be somewhere, but I haven't spotted it yet)

Re: Stable patch version versus git tags
December 02, 2009 09:25PM
Just as a follow up -- though not comprehensive.

There is a separate repository for the stable version. So you can get the development version at:

and the stable versions (e.g. of 2.6.31.y) at:

All the code must be in the development version somewhere, I would think, and it would be nice not to have two huge downloads to contend with. About all that I was able to come up with was to use git log --grep='<check in comment>' to find a corresponding check-in comment in the two repositories.

There must be a better way.

Have fun,


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