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2017 Best Markdown Editor For Mac Review: Romanysoft

Posted by DJ.Emily 
2017 Best Markdown Editor For Mac Review: Romanysoft
March 08, 2017 09:34PM
Are you looking for the best Markdown Editor for Mac tool to convert any Markdown files to HTML/PDF on Mac, include the latest macOS Sierra? Keep reading! Here Romanysoft offers the best 2017 Markdown Editor for Mac Review.

Markdown feels very natural to write, and the best part is once you're done you can use various tools to rendered your Markdown into richly formatted text files, such as HTML/XHTML or PDF. Once you start using Markdown, you'll get addicted. But to do this, you need a Markdown Editor for Mac. Now We will recommend the 2017 best Markdown editor for Mac to you.

Romanysoft MarkdownD for Mac is a clean, simple and professional Markdown to HTML conversion tool for web writers or others, which can easily handle all your markdown needs, allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert to structurally valid HTML (or XHTML) or PDF format on macOS Sierra.

Product: romanysoft.net/markdownd/
Download: romanysoft.net/markdownd/download/
Buy: romanysoft.net/markdownd/buy/

Main Features
1. Supports export to HTML/XHTML; Supports export to PDF
2. Supports printing
3. Supports standard Markdown/CommonMark and GFM (GitHub)-flavored markdown
4. Live preview support
5. Supports ToC (Table of Contents), Emoji expressions, TaskLists (task map), and @Links (link)
6. Supports decoding and filtering of HTML tags and attributes
7. Supports TeX (LaTex expression, KaTeX), flow diagrams, and sequence diagrams
8. Supports document-recovery mechanism
9. Supports formatted text, code blocks, tables, code-folding, search-and-replace, multiple languages, HTML entity code - syntax highlighting

Source: romanysoft.net/best-markdown-editor-for-mac-review/


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