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Will HP4510S, Intel Celeron, be enough to start kernel hacking

Posted by quandrione 
Will HP4510S, Intel Celeron, be enough to start kernel hacking
September 20, 2014 06:12AM
Hi all,

My day job is about developing routers for a big telecom company. Since most of our products are linux based, I feel its time to get deeper knowledge of linux kernel and I am also looking for ways to train and improve my C programming.

I cant use my work laptop (HP elitebook), and my own macbook pro at home has almost no space left on the hard drive. I got my hands on an old HP probook 4510S. I installed ubuntu on it but then the battery died. Label says it has Intel celeron inside but I dont know the RAM size. I am guessing 1 - 2 GB.

Question is whether this really old configuration is gonna be enough to get started? Then I just need to buy a new battery. Once I know that I wanna get more serious with Kernel Hacking, I can buy something more fancy and ultra portable so that i can hack kernel whereever i go.

Or are there steps in patching, compiling, testing the kernel so resource intensive that I need to buy something newer right away?


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