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Kernel 2.6 pppoe router

Posted by Ashley Sprigg 
Kernel 2.6 pppoe router
January 30, 2016 05:06PM
Hi guys.
I'm a real newbie and need help.
I have an embedded device with kernel and 512Mb flash.
It comes pre configured and has 2 ethernet ports, wifi, gps and 3G card.
There is however no graphics port and one cannot be installed, it is currently accessed by SSH.
I simply want to use the device as a PPPOE router.
Any help or suggestions would be great.
I have googled this and tried to come up with a solution for a few weeks but to no avail.
Could something be installed which can be configured with a web page or similar through a shell (not that it matters but would be better as a newbie) ?

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