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Am I eligible for Linux kernel development?

Posted by Nehil 
Greetings Linux kernel developers.
Since when I was a computer science student at my university, I always wanted to lay my hands on the code of some OS.
By the end of my student career, I developed an interest in low-level OS modules like the filesystem and device drivers and hoped that I would have had the opportunity to work on those modules one day.
Up to now, unfortunately, I've never had a chance to develop such code and now I work as Java developer.
Nevertheless, I still have the desire to develop such modules.
Before I dive in those several books and articles about the Linux kernel development, there's a question that I need
to ask.
Are the filesystem and device drivers something that a person with a B.Sc. in computer science can develop?
I know there's a book about Linux device drivers development, but does it have any content I'm capable to grasp?
The reason why I'm asking you this question is due to what my teachers told me.
They told me that filesystem development is a task more suitable for computer engineers and that only electrical
engineers are capable to develop device drivers. Were they right?
Developing such modules is my greatest desire, but if my teachers were right I'm afraid that I'll have to quit this dream of
Any reply is appreciated.
Hello, here you can read more about it Clockwise blog . So there you can find some answers at your questions. But as we know, sometimes better to offer some development. So anyway is possible to develop. All about your skills and your free time. Thank you for your attention, if anything, I will contact you shortly.

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