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What does the future hold for Bitcoin?

Posted by jemmy 
We see the biggest risk to Bitcoin being its substitution and/or parallel use by other.
Yes, you can hold those coins as long as you want in Altcoin Wallet and sell it on highly market price when there will be a huge profit in your bitcoins also its a crypto currency which can provide profit for a really long term anyway
The future of bitcoin is fairly unexpectable because it is not a usual currency and general rules don't work with it. Nevertheless, the bots like 3Commas can perfectly work with cryptos in trading sphere. I used it myself
Cryptocurrency is our future currency, Investments in Bitcoin seem to be a great choice. I am looking forward to buying some bitcoins & already found a good cryptocurrency platform CryptoLinks that provides us with all necessary information about Bitcoin and everything connected with it. So, we are going to learn some crypto basics and start to invest. People have started using cryptocurrency, do you have?
Thanks for sharing!
I've found some details which I didn’t know.
I would like to add some information to your post. As you may know, nowadays there are many cryptocurrencies, but they get inspiration from bitcoin. It is the ancestor of them all. Bitcoin used to be our first cryptocurrency and everybody thinks that it is the only one available cryptocurrency in the market.
In this mobile app development agency blog you will learn more about the latest cryptocurrency trends.
I think it's a great idea for any industry to go mobile. The potential of mobile devices is unlimited, the innovations and new technologies are getting better, even an example with Bitcoin.

But first of all it's better to improve your customer loyalty program.
Then you’ve come to the right spot thumbs up

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