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How to send a packet initiating in the driver

Posted by cool.fire333 
How to send a packet initiating in the driver
April 09, 2008 09:42PM
Hi all,

This is an issue with ath5k and I'm aware that this is wrong list to post. But I would like to take an opinion based on your experience.
My aim is to send out a packet when a certain event occurs. The situation is time critical and I need to use any meaningful packet for the transmission. Essentially I just need to put some energy into the channel when that certain event occurs.
I tried to figure out that the 'AR5K_REG_WRITE_Q(ah, AR5K_QCU_TXE, queue)' macro to the end of ath5k_hw_tx_start function is the trigger to send out a packet.

When I tried to disable and enable the register by setting '1<<q' into AR5K_QCU_TXD and AR5K_QCU_TXE registers, I don't find the packet to be transmitted. I'm able to say this as I'm able to monitor and plot the channel energy at an instant of time. The first packet leaves and the second packet which I've set 10s later is txed but not in between which are supposed to replicas of the first packet at 1s interval each(this is an experiment setup to check if I'm sending out packets the way I want).

Could someone tell me how to preserve and send the packets? Any ideas/comments/suggestions are extremely helpful.

Thank you.
Cool Fire.
Re: How to send a packet initiating in the driver
November 24, 2017 02:56AM
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Re: How to send a packet initiating in the driver
April 10, 2018 06:02AM
The packet driver is invoked via a software interrupt in the range 0x60 through 0x80. This document does not specify a particular interrupt, but describes a mechanism for locating which interrupt the driver uses. The interrupt must be configurable to avoid conflicts with other pieces of software that also use software interrupts. The program which installs the packet driver should provide some mechanism for the user to specify the interrupt
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Jennifer Grace
Re: How to send a packet initiating in the driver
November 13, 2018 01:51AM
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