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I/O structure and originator information

Posted by Braj 
I am trying to find out more information around an I/O that happens on a device. To set the correct context please following the below example:

Say I have a LUN extracted out of a storage array and it is exposed to my linux host - /dev/sde. Now this device is used to form a logical volume / volume group which in turn is used to create a mount point - /mystorage.
If i am correct in my understanding, a single LUN can house more than one logical volume and hence there can be more than one file system sitting on the same LUN.
So, whenever a write is done on the filesystem - "/mystorage" it will finally land up on the device /dev/sde and finally to the LUN on the storage array. It is nothing but an I/O.
1. What I am trying to understand is what information and I/O contains when it comes to the kernel, for eg., the block to be written, etc. ?
2. I am more interested in finding out if from the I/O information, can i track if this I/O is coming from the filesystem "/mystorage" in the example above?

Let me know where i can find more information about the I/O and help me with the above questions.

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