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How to Convert iTunes M4V to MP4

Posted by Sophialing 
How to Convert iTunes M4V to MP4
October 19, 2017 04:26AM
Based on the QuickTime format specification, MP4, published in 2001, is a digital multimedia contain format, which is one of the most popular and universal video format in the digital market. With the unexceptionable compatibility, MP4 is not only used to store videos and audio tracks, but also aims to store subtitles and images. As such, MP4 format can be payable on any portable devices without any obstacles. These are the reasons why MP4 is so ubiquity and widely welcome. But as diametrically opposed to MP4, another similar format, iTunes M4V container format, developed by Apple Inc., is able to be played only on Apple-approved devices or players. The primary difference between M4V and MP4 is that M4V files are optionally encrypted by Appleā€™s FairPlay DRM technology. Therefore, as an iTunes movie addict, you really would like to convert iTunes videos to MP4 files, which makes it possible to enjoy iTunes videos more convenient and easier, for example, to play iTunes on home theatre system, such as Samsung Smart TV, and to share iTunes movies to social networking site, such as YouTube, and so on. The best solution to get better use of iTunes videos in our daily life is to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows and convert them from M4V to MP4.
Things You Need to Know before Converting iTunes M4V to MP4
As we all know, there are a member of iTunes M4V to MP4 converter online, paid or free. And for many of us, we will choose a free one to convert M4V to MP4 especially on the budget. However it may be not that easy to convert iTunes M4V to MP4 by using a free M4V to MP4 online. As one kind of Apple digital media files, iTunes videos all come with FairPlay DRM digital right protection. This copyright protection limits the videos from being played, edited or converted on non-Apple devices. Therefore a common M4V to MP4 Converter which only has the basic converting feature won't work. Generally, for an iTunes DRM M4V video, you need to take a new way to record and save the video to a new MP4 format of video or get a DRM removal software to help you remove DRM completely first before you can convert the M4V to MP4. You may worry that it will take a typically long time. Good news is that there is a better one-stop solution, by using a perfect iTunes DRM M4V Converter from DRmare company. It can remove DRM and convert the iTunes videos from M4V to MP4 simultaneously in a 20X faster speed. This is known as the fastest speed by far.
Tutorial to Convert iTunes DRM M4V Files to MP4 Quickly
Step 1Import your DRM iTunes videos
You can click 'Add Files' button from the bottom left to open a window. Then you will see all the DRM videos which are in your iTunes library and you can select the files you want to convert and press 'ok'. Another way to load the videos is to drag&drop the files from iTunes library directly.

Step 2Specify the output format as MP4
On the bottom left corner of the software, there is also a format option to change the format, please choose the right format as MP4.

Step 3Start to convert iTunes videos to MP4
After all settings are done, you can simply click conversion button, DRmare will convert the videos and remove DRM in a fastest speed. What is more, the software supports batch versions. Normally, it only takes minutes to convert couples of iTunes video files.
Re: How to Convert iTunes M4V to MP4
January 16, 2018 01:29AM
Thanks for your nice sharing. The way for me to convert iTunes M4V to MP4 is to use a professional DRM removal software, DRM Media Converter for mac is my option. As far as we know, all iTunes purchased or rented movies/TV shows are encrypted with fairplay DRM protection, it can be played on Apple devices only. Even you have paid for these videos, there is no right for you to re-encode or share it to other devices. Fortunately, now we can use such a DRM removal tool to remove DRM protection and convert iTunes videos from M4V to MP4 and other multiple formats with all audio tracks, subtitles without hampering the quality.

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I have tried many iTunes M4V to MP4 converters. Among so many programs, I prefer to use M4VGear program, as it can download iTunes movies at faster speed and also keep the best video & audio quality. More importantly! I can get timely Email support from M4VGear support team. It's a great experience.

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