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Romanysoft CSSDesigner v5.0 for Mac - Best CSS3 Editor

Posted by DJ.Emily 
Romanysoft CSSDesigner v5.0 for Mac - Best CSS3 Editor
March 14, 2017 10:25PM
Romanysoft CSSDesigner for Mac Upgraded to version 5.0: romanysoft.net/cssdesigner/download/

Romanysoft CSSDesigner for Mac is one of the most popular choices among web developers when it comes to CSS3/CSS2 editor applications. It is well-suited to all Mac audience, takes full advantage of the latest Mac technologies.

What's New?
Version 5.0:
- Fixed some bugs.
- Move old official website to new official website: romanysoft.net

Romanysoft CSSDesigner for Mac V5.0: romanysoft.net/cssdesigner/
Download Romanysoft CSSDesigner for Mac V5.0: filefactory.com/file/2b37d0xgryg9/CSSDesigner-v5.0-macos-x64.zip

Windows V5.0 (32-bit): filefactory.com/file/5j0i7fzwidtf/CSSDesigner-v5.0-win32-setup.exe
Windows V5.0 (64-bit): filefactory.com/file/68h0695fmold/CSSDesigner-v5.0-win64-setup.exe

Romanysoft CSSDesigner for Mac Key Features

A powerful CSS Editor tool
- Quickly and easily create any CSS3(CSS2) effects.
- Edit and apply special effects to portions of select
- Select and remove unwanted elements of your desinger css properties.
- Copy one layer to other

Top-notch painting tools
- Paint with CSSDesinger as you would on canvas
- Use different sizes, shapes, and blending modes
- Adjust CSS settings to get just the look you want

The best CSS Editor Compatibility
- Open and save CSS using css format
- Open and save CSS with layers

Price: Only $9.9 for Lifetime
- Free technical support service
- Free lifetime update

Buy Mac: order.shareit.com/cart/add?vendorid=200269599&PRODUCT[300771122]=1
Buy Windows: order.shareit.com/cart/add?vendorid=200269599&PRODUCT[300771125]=1

Source: isharesky.blogspot.com/2017/03/romanysoft-cssdesigner-v5-0-for-mac.html
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